prepaid electricity
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Frequently asked questions:

Q: What do I have to do to qualify for Free Basic Electricity tokens?

A: Municipalities apply different tariffs to customers based on certain criteria. If you are on tarrif A you will automatically qualify for a free basic electricity voucher at the beginning of each month. This will appear as a 2nd token number on your standard Cellvend voucher.

Q: What is debt recovery?

A: Certain municipalities will use a portion of the money a consumer pays towards a prepaid electricity token to pay off that customer's debt to the municipality instead. Debts such as arrears rates and water may be included. This will be clearly indicated on your receipt. Cellvend only acts as an agent and is obliged to apply the debt recovery calculated by the Municipality/Utilities Supplier.

Q: What is fixed charges?

A: Every Municipality usually applies a fixed charge, typically charged once a month to Tariff B consumers. Cellvend only acts as an agent and is obliged to apply whatever fixed charge is calculated by the customer’s Municipality/Utilities supplier.

Q: What happens if I lose my print out of my voucher?

A: Don’t panic! Simply log in to Cellvend as usual and go to the history page. Click on the voucher you require and it will bring up voucher so that you can reprint.

Q: I’ve forgotten my password – what now?

A: Go to the Cellvend homepage, click on forgotten my password. Our system will reset your password temporarily and send you an email containing the new password to log in. Log in using this temporary password and you will automatically asked to enter a new password of your choice.

Q: Can I reverse a voucher?

A: No! Please note that no vouchers are reversible so ensure that all information is correct ie meter number etc.